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HFL Profile
With a combined capacity of about 30,000,000 yards per year, and a supreme commitment to quality, the textile division of Mahin Group has established itself as one of the most reliable players in Bangladesh.
HFL Unit-1 (Weaving):
7.2 million yards/annum
Looms (120) Ishikawa Rapier Looms
Sizing & Warping Karl Mayer
HFL Unit-2 (Dyeing & Finishing):
30 million yards/annum
Singeing - Desizing Kusters
Bleaching Kusters
Mercerizing Kyoto
Thermosol Bruckner
PadSteam Kusters
Washing Kusters Kusters
CPB Kusters
Stenter Bruckner
Sanforizing Monforts
Finishing Lampherti, Unitech, Danti Paolo
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