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About Our Company

Welcome to the world of Hamid Fabrics PLC., where quality meets innovation in the textile industry. As a distinguished Public Limited Company, we are proud to be registered in Bangladesh and incorporated under the Companies Act 1994, a testament to our commitment to legal and ethical standards.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the textile landscape by crafting premium solid-dyed and yarn-dyed fabrics of exceptional quality. These fabrics form the backbone of Bangladesh's renowned 100% export-oriented Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry, which thrives on excellence and precision.

At Hamid Fabrics PLC., we believe in the power of innovation and technology to drive progress. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring that every inch of fabric meets the highest standards of excellence. But our commitment extends beyond mere production. We are deeply invested in sustainability and ethical practices, striving to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute positively to the communities we operate in.

Our journey is not just about manufacturing fabrics; it's about creating experiences and forging lasting relationships. With a dedicated team of professionals and a customer-centric approach, we aim to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks of excellence in the textile industry.

Join us on this journey of creativity, quality, and innovation. Experience the difference with Hamid Fabrics PLC., where every thread tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication.


Our Mission

Merging our capabilities with topnotch technology to provide our stakeholders with the best possible products, services, and experiences

Our Vision

  • Create a quality benchmark in every aspect of its business
  • Maintain and further enhance customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price
  • Formulate a happy, motivated and skilled workforce
  • Produce within environmental guidelines
  • Work towards green production
  • Create jobs for people and retain them with steady, controlled and focused company growth
  • Contribute to the country’s economic sustainability with our exports and business practices

Our Concerns

As part of our commitment to excellence, we collaborate closely with our sister concerns, leveraging their expertise and resources to continuously innovate and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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