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Dyeing (Solid and Yarn)

Capacity32 million yards/annumUnits28MachinerySingeing/Desizing: Kusters, Germany Scouring/Bleaching: Kusters, Germany Mercerizing: Kyoto, Japan Thermosol: Bruckner, Germany PadSteam: Kusters, Germany Washing: Kusters, Germany CPB: Kusters, Germany Stenter: Bruckner, Germany Sanforizing: Monforts, Germany Sueding/Brushing: Lampherti, Unitech, Danti Paolo, Italy Soft Winding: SSM, Switzerland Re Winding: SSM, Switzerland Dyeing: Thies, Germany RF Dryer: Stalam, Italy Auto Dispensing System: Technorama, Italy Dye house from Thies (i Cone Technology) Bulk Auto Dispensing from Technorama (Auxiliaries & Dyestuff Dispensing)Speciality100% cotton and blended Woven fabrics. As well as blends in both Reactive and VAT. Lightweight luxury smooth finishes ranging from 80's to 140/2 yarn counts. Lower yarn counts can be customized as required.Finishing CapabilitiesWrinkle Resistant, Moisture Management, Repellant & Release, Sueding, Diamond Emerizing, Ceramic Brush, Carbon PeachValidated TechnologiesPure Press, Tough Cotton, Storm CottonPhysical & Chemical Test LabGSM, EPI/PPI, Width, Tear, Tensile, Abrasion, Seam Slippage etc. Fastness test like Wash, Water, Perspiration, Light, crocking etc. Chemical test like pH, wicking, Tegwa etc.Color Matching Lab & Pilot PlantScope of dyestuff usage: Reactive, Vat, Pigment, Disperse etc. Scope of Dyeing Method: Pad Batch, Pad Thermosol, Pad Steam Matching scope: Pantone, QTX data, Swatches etc. Color matching recipe evaluation through spectrophotometer QC software for color matching & shade batching Scope of light source: Verivide, X Rite (D65/TL83/A/U35/CWF/UV)Lead timesRegular, Quick Response, Core ReplenishmentShare